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Newport, Rhode Island is home to more 18th-century buildings than any other city in America, and the preservation of many of these historic properties is due to the visionary contribution of Doris Duke. The Newport Restoration Foundation was created in 1968, based on the urgent need to save the city’s rapidly disappearing 18th-century architecture. The scale of the preservation work undertaken by Duke and NRF was extraordinary, saving more than 80 buildings in a targeted approach that resulted in seeding the restoration of two Newport neighborhoods, The Point and Historic Hill. After 50 years as an organization, NRF continues to own over 70 restored houses, meticulously maintained as rental properties representing a remarkable collection of early Rhode Island architecture.

Baptist Meeting House

18 Dennison Street

Prescott Barn

2558 West Main Road

William Gardner House

51 Bridge Street


Benjamin Howland House

6 Bridge Street

Thomas Townsend House

53 Bridge Street

Swansea House

3 Cozzens Court

John Langley House

28 Church Street

Cotton House

32 Church Street

Simon Pease House

32 Clarke Street

The Vernon House

46 Clarke Street

open to
the public

King's Arms Tavern

6 Cross Street

Original Owner Unknown

12 Dennison Street

Daniel Carr House

20 Division Street

Original Owner Unknown

16 Dennison Street

Gideon Cornell House

3 Division Street

George Buckmaster House

42 Division Street

Mitchell Trevitt House

6 Elm Street

Almy-Taggart House

56 Farewell Street

John Sisson House

21 Green Street

Cahoone-Yates House

27-29 Green Street

Brown Farm House

35 Green Street

Harkness House

38 Green Street

Constant Tabor House

47 John Street

John Coddington House

2 Marlborough Street

Christopher Fowler House

29 Mary Street

West-Hathaway House

15 Mill Street

Thomas Brown House

22 Mill Street

Billings Coggeshall House

35-39 Mill Street

Beriah Brown House

41 Mill Street

Alexander Jack, Jr. House

49 Mill Street

Jonathan Gibbs House

181 Spring Street

Langley-King House

34 Pelham Street

Daniel Vaughn House

44 Pelham Street

William Lawton House

47 Poplar Street

Sisson Collins House

40 School Street

Solomon Townsend House

51 Second Street

New Jersey Farm House

72 Spring Street

Buffum-Redwood House

74 Spring Street

Edward Willis House

95 Spring Street

Odlin-Otis House

109 Spring Street

Samuel Bours House

175 Spring Street

David Bramen Sr. House

18 Thames Street

Phillip Stevens House

34 Thames Street

Thornton-Wilder House

53 - 55 Thames Street

Hathaway-Macomber House

57 Thames Street

Capt. William Read House

58 Thames Street

Richardson-Peckham House

67 Thames Street

Clarke Burdick House

413 Thames Street

Joseph Record House

415 Thames Street

Samuel Whitehorne House

416 Thames Street

James Boone House

422 Thames Street

John Whitehorne House

428 Thames Street

Daniel Lyman House

11 Third Street

Buliod-Perry House

29 Touro Street

Wilbour-Ellery House

51 Touro Street

Wanton House

25 Walnut Street

Edith Corey House

30 Walnut Street

Knowles-Perry House

31 Walnut Street

Ann Webber House

33 Washington Street

Isaac Dayton House

35 Washington Street

Brenton Counting House

39 Washington Street

Hicks House

2009 West Main Road

open to
the public

Robert Sherman Windmill

2009 West Main Road

open to
the public

Sweet-Anthony House

2009 West Main Road


Guard House

2013 West Main Road

open to
the public

Potter House

2554 West Main Road

Nichols Overing House

2556 West Main Road

Almy-Corey House

2562 West Main Road

Coggeshall House

66 William Street

John Davis House

68 William Street

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