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The majority of properties that were restored by The Newport Restoration Foundation continue to be owned and maintained as unfurnished rental houses, leased primarily to private individuals. The income from these rentals funds the maintenance of the properties as well as other architectural and historic preservation activity.

NRF houses vary in size, shape, and age. Rents are based on market value, property taxes, and annual maintenance costs of each property. Residential rents currently range between $1,050 – $4,000 per month. Because the funds received by renting preservation properties is considered income, NRF pays property taxes on all of its rental properties.


All tenants must sign NRF’s “Stewardship Statement” and agree to abide by NRF’s “Rules and Regulations”.

NRF’s leases are offered for a minimum term of 12 months (shorter-term leases are not available). Several buildings are commercially zoned and occasionally become available for 3-5 year lease terms.

This rental program is very popular, and because NRF’s tenants tend to be long-term, turnover of properties is infrequent and generally less than ten houses each year. A list of prospective tenants is maintained; however, all applicants are advised that it may be up to one year before a property becomes available for rent.

Interested in one of our homes? Please let us know by emailing your name and contact information to NRF will circulate regular emails about available houses and include information such as monthly rent, move-in fees, and floorplan.

Available Properties

There are no properties available for rent at this time. If you are interested in becoming a steward, please complete a prospective tenant application and we will inform you when properties become available in the future.

For more information, please contact:

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