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Staff & Trustees

Mark Thompson Executive Director mail01  401-849-7300, x116


Alyssa Lozupone Director of Preservation mail01  401-849-7300, x 115
Barbara Schlubach Operations Coordinator mail01  401-849-7300, x110
Chris Mercer Crew Foreman
Peter Raposa Mill Supervisor
Brian Boyle Carpenter
Joseph Chretien Carpenter
Chris Alberti Carpenter
Peter Oakes Systems Mechanical Technician
Brian McCarthy Paint Supervisor
Tim Alsheimer Painter
Mike King Painter
Alec Humphrey Painter


Erik Greenberg Director of Museums mail01  401-846-4152, x114
Kristen Costa Curator mail01  401-846-4152, x117
Alyssa Leach Grounds and Gardens Supervisor mail01  401-846-4152, x124
Gina Tangorra Interpretation & Visitor Experience Manager mail01  401-846-4152, x122
Pamela Carolino Lima Housekeeper
Lloyd Sisson Groundskeeper
Nathin Johnson Groundskeeper

Administration & Finance

Amy Winsor Director of Finance & Administration mail01  401-849-7300, x113
Meaghan Barry Fernandes Marketing Manager mail01  401-846-4152, x112
Alicia Cipriano Development Coordinator mail01  401-849-7300, x117
Maeve Sheehan Human Resources Administrator mail01  401-849-7300, x111
Jill Voyer Bookkeeper mail01  401-849-7300, x114


Mr. James H. Ross President
Mr. Thomas P.I. Goddard Vice President
Dr. M. Therese Antone Treasurer
Ms. Victoria Mele Secretary
Mr. Armin Allen
Ms. Amelia Berkowitz
Ms. Maia Farish
Mr. Philip C. Marshall
Ms. Edith McBean
Mrs. Marion Oates Charles Trustee (1977 - 2014)
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