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Since its founding, the Newport Restoration Foundation has restored and preserved more than eighty 18th- and early 19th-century buildings, seventy-four of which are currently rented as private residences to tenant stewards and maintained by a full-time crew of carpenters and painters. This is one of the largest collections of period architecture owned by an organization in the U.S. More importantly, the majority of these structures are lived in and used as they have been for three centuries, making them an enduring and defining feature of the historic architectural fabric of Newport and a source of pride for the community.

Transforming Newport

Historic Newport

Preservation Properties

Gideon Cornell House

3 Division Street

Knowles-Perry House

31 Walnut Street

Cahoone-Yates House

27-29 Green Street

Constant Tabor House

47 John Street

Wanton House

25 Walnut Street

Samuel Bours House

175 Spring Street

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Preservation Activity

When I started working at NRF 26 years ago, I was told there are two things you need to throw away – your level and your square. Nothing is level, nothing is square. Make it look like it's always been there.

—Peter Raposa, Mill Supervisor at NRF for 27 years

It really is the people that make NRF a great place to work. And its not only because of my co-workers – we've formed great relationships with our tenants over the years as well. It feels like family.

—Brian McCarthy, Paint Supervisor at NRF for 34 years

At the mill, I enjoy being challenged. When creating custom moldings, I really do my best to get them exact so when the crew goes to install, all they have to do is to run sandpaper over the area and it will all fit perfectly.

—Peter Raposa, Mill Supervisor at NRF for 27 years

To be a painter on our houses, you have to be sixty percent artist and forty percent tradesman.

—Mike King, Painter at NRF for 18 years

A seasoned carpenter can come here and still need training because nothing in these houses is perfect or level. The modern trade focuses on vinyl and composite – everything here is wood and cedar. But the charm of the houses keeps you coming back for more.

—Chris Mercer, Carpentry Supervisor at NRF

Throughout the years, people have come up to us while we're working and thanked us for what we’ve done for the town and told us how it’s inspired them renovate their own homes. Being able to help people with their questions and teach them about what we do has been incredibly rewarding.

—Timothy Alsheimer, Painter at NRF for 29 years

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