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The Daniel Carr House was built c.1712 and stands on the original site. It has a steep gable roof and a one-room-deep plan so often found in Newport buildings in the first quarter of the eighteenth century. Both the wide overhang of the roof in the front and end positions of the chimney are features that indicate an early, simple Newport house. It was purchased by the Newport Restoration Foundation in 1974 and restored in 1976.

During the restoration process, a late eighteenth-century addition to the rear was maintained. The room on the first floor in this addition has an angled fireplace with the flue attached to the existing chimney. There are a few houses with the same or similar characteristics as the Carr House in the Newport area. This may indicate the same builder or at least a shared acceptance of the style.

Little is currently known about the history of this house, although research continues. In some cases, records before 1763 that might provide information about the houses or their occupants were either taken or destroyed by the British.

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