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The Brown Farm House is a two-story, four-bay structure with a central chimney. The house originally stood in Middletown, Rhode Island, just off West Main Road where it was built c.1750. The Newport Restoration Foundation (NRF) purchased the house from Saint Lucy's Church in 1979, disassembled it, and moved the house to Green Street where it was restored in 1979-80. The house is also referred to by some as St. Lucy's House.

Little history of this house has been uncovered. The building came to NRF with a considerable amount of simple interior trim, much of which was saved and reinstalled or, where necessary, used as a pattern for the making of reproduction moldings and materials. There is a room to each side of the front door, each with a fireplace, and a long keeping room at the back. At each end of the keeping room is a small corner room. The second-floor plan is much the same as that on the first floor.

Preservation property detailimage

Photo of the house before restoration.

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