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“As a resident of Newport for many years, I have always taken pride in this unique and beautiful place, not only for its beauty but also for its historical heritage. Because of my interests, I have formed the Newport Restoration Foundation to preserve and restore the 18th century buildings for future generations.” – Doris Duke, from November 1969 press release on her involvement with the Newport Restoration Foundation

As NRF celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018, we look back on our history as we also look ahead to the exciting new future for the organization. The exhibit will focus on three central themes/questions: What was Newport like in 1968 and why was there a need for NRF? Who were the people of NRF over 50 years and how did the work of NRF change in that time? What does the next 50 years look like for Newport and NRF? The exhibit uses a variety of archival documents, images, and objects to tell the story of NRF’s 50 years.

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