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The philanthropic causes Doris Duke (1912-1993) cared for or the foundation she established unfortunately do not always come to mind when people recall her name. As with many public figures, much of Doris’ life played out on the pages of tabloids and gossip columns creating a popular memory of her made of half-truths that overshadow her generosity and patronage of a variety of charitable efforts.

Because of this public perception, Rough Point Museum’s 2019 exhibition asks the question, “What do we really know about Doris Duke?” Using historical documents and photographs from the Doris Duke Historical Archives at the David Rubenstein Library at Duke University and items from the Rough Point fine art and fashion collection, NRF is inviting visitors to learn more about Doris by looking honestly at her interests, complexities, and eccentricities to see beyond the myths and legends often associated with her life.


Belly Dance Costume

Vinyl Record, 1966

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