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Welcome to Our New Website!

Newport Restoration Foundation is proud to announce the launch of our brand new website! Our new user-friendly, mobile responsive site, has been designed to encourage exploration as well as provide educational resources to the community and beyond. Interactive features have been developed to give online visitors more opportunities to learn about NRF and what we do. For instance, you don’t want to miss:

You may also notice our logo is looking a little different these days. Along with our new website, NRF is launching a new brand identity with a refreshed logo design and updated color palette that unifies all areas of the organization. NRF actively participates in the field of historic preservation through our tenant stewardship program and Keeping History Above Water initiative, as well as operates three museums in the Newport area. Our new branding will tie all of these entities together to clearly express our mission.

Who knew 50 years could look this good? This brand launch coincides with the 50th anniversary year of the Newport Restoration Foundation, and is one of the many projects we are doing to celebrate this incredible milestone. NRF has evolved greatly from its beginnings in 1968, when it was founded by heiress and philanthropist, Doris Duke. From starting as a historic preservation organization focused in Newport, RI, to Doris Duke’s establishment of Whitehorne House and Prescott Farm as museums, and later, the acquisition of Rough Point Museum after her passing, NRF’s identity has changed as these different events occurred. In its 50th year, NRF is defining that identity, and preparing for what another 50 years may look like as an organization.

Newport Restoration Foundation would like to especially thank our website and design partners from Design Agency in Pawtucket, RI and Jake & Co in Providence, RI for their vision and dedication to this project. We hope you’ll enjoy using our new site and please stay tuned for more from NRF as we continue to roll out our refreshed look this year!

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