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The Solarium is one of the Trumbauer addition’s to the house in the 1920s renovation. It is easy to understand why the Solarium was one of Doris’s favorite rooms: it incorporates outdoor and indoor living. The time she spent in this room varied from eating lunches, repairing ceramics, and running Newport Restoration Foundation meetings. A sky scene painted on the ceiling complete the feeling of being outdoors.

On one occasion the Solarium also served as a makeshift shelter for Doris Duke's beloved Bactrian camels, Princess and Baby, who summered on the lawn at Rough Point from 1988 to 1993. During Hurricane Bob in August 1991, the furniture was moved out and the camels were penned up inside the room. Evidence of their stay survives to this day in visible damage to the upper part of the wall mirror to the left of the door to the Yellow Room. Shortly before they were moved outside after the storm, Princess, still somewhat agitated, thrashed her head and it hit the mirror, cracking the crossbar and side pieces.

Pair of cloisonné candlesticks

Portrait bust of Julius Caesar in bronze

Portrait bust of Augustus in bronze

Pair of wrought iron console tables with gilding

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