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NRF Announces 2022 Exhibition: Inspired by Asia: Highlights from the Duke Family Collection

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Newport, RI — Newport Restoration Foundation is pleased to announce a new exhibition at Rough Point Museum, Inspired by Asia: Highlights from the Duke Family Collection. The exhibition will be open from March 26 through November 13, 2022.

Featuring many never-before displayed objects, the exhibition takes a closer look at the Duke family collections of decorative arts and fashion made in East Asia and acquired over many decades.

The Duke family were prolific collectors of ceramics and lacquers made in East Asia. James and Nanaline—and later Doris—displayed their collections in their homes, including at Rough Point.

“We are excited by the opportunity to display objects in the collection in a way that allows you to get up close and personal with these beautiful works of art,” said Kristen Costa, Senior Curator at Newport Restoration Foundation. “You can really appreciate the skill and artistry that went into making these pieces—whether it is an intricately carved Guanyin figure, a brightly colored glazed ceramic Chinese export jar, or a handstitched Thai silk suit. This exhibit also reveals more about the Duke family through their collections and collecting habits.”

The exhibition compares and contrasts the collections of Doris Duke with that of her parents, James and Nanaline. A selection of objects from Doris Duke’s Southeast Asian Collection (SEACC) of Thai and Burmese art is juxtaposed with her parents’ collection of Qing Dynasty ceramics. Also on view are fashion items, recently gifted to the Rough Point Museum costume collection from Doris Duke’s Hawaiian home, Shangri La.

NRF invites visitors to explore art and fashion made by East Asian artists, designers, and craftspeople —and discover more about the cross-cultural exchange between United States consumers and East Asian makers during the long 20th century, and how these works of art influenced American interior decorating, fashion, and taste.

Inspired by Asia: Highlights from the Duke Family Collection will be on view at Rough Point Museum from March 26 to November 13, 2022. The general operating schedule is Tuesday-Sunday. Admission for self-guided access to the house and special exhibition is $20. Admission for students with ID is $10 and children 12 and younger are free. For more information about planning a visit to Rough Point Museum, please visit

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