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Make a Pinwheel!

Click here to watch October’s Second Sunday From Home program where we join the crew of Oliver Hazard Perry Rhode Island to learn more about wind and sails. See below for instructions on how to make a pinwheel that catches the wind like sails do!

Making a pinwheel:


  1. Paper (cut into 6”x6” size)
  2. Scissors
  3. Straw
  4. Push pin or brass fastener
  5. Crayons/markers/colored pencils/etc.



  1. Decorate both sides of your paper however you would like!
  2. Fold your paper in half to make a triangle, then unfold.
  3. Fold your paper in the opposite direction to make a triangle, then unfold. There should be two creases in the paper, forming an X in the middle
  4. Cut a 3” slit from each corner toward the center
  5. Fold one corner in towards the center and rotate counter clockwise, folding the corner of each towards the center, so that they overlap.
  6. Hold in place and insert a brass fastener or push pin through the center
  7. Place fastener through the top of the straw. If needed, place tape on the back of the push pin.
  8. Blow pinwheel and watch it spin!
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