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The staff of the Newport Restoration Foundation is pleased to welcome visitors to our annual holiday experience, A Rough Point Holiday.

As we  share the stories of Doris Duke’s holiday traditions and the off-season routines of Rough Point, we are also working to have safe and comfortable experiences for our staff and our visitors. Here is what to expect when you come to A Rough Point Holiday in 2021.

As you will see below, all entries to our museum are timed, allowing a specific number of people onsite at any time.

If you are entitled to free admission or have purchased a ticket through another party, please call us at 401-847-8344 to schedule the time and date of your entry.

If you arrive onsite without first scheduling, you may not be able to be admitted.


To help keep our community safe, we are still requiring all staff and visitors to wear masks at NRF museums.


By purchasing a ticket, you are agreeing to comply with our community guidelines


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Thank you for your support!

We look forward to welcoming you safely onsite to our museums.

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