The Great Elephant Migration at Rough Point
The Great Elephant Migration: A Public Artwork by the Coexistence Collective. Presented by Art&Newport. Curated by Dodie Kazanjian. Join the Great Elephant Migration at Rough Point! The Great Elephant Migration is a global fundraising adventure to amplify indigenous knowledge and inspire the human race to share space. Rough Point is one of four Newport sites where you can visit the elephants.
GAMES, GAMBLERS & CARTOMANCERS: The New Cardsharps revisited the storied art historical trope of card play and used Newport’s historical […]
IN THE WAVES by artist Melissa McGill, was a series of live free public art performances and a part of NRF’s Keeping History Above Water initiative. 
Newport Galleries
Explore extraordinary examples of 18th-century Newport furniture and decorative arts, discover what makes Newport furniture so distinctive, and make connections […]
Inspired by Asia
The Duke family were prolific collectors of objects made in East Asia or inspired by the design aesthetics of East […]
The Dukes of Rough Point
Discover more about the Dukes of Rough Point from archival images, documents, and film—including their passion for philanthropy, their interests, and why their archetypal "rags to riches" story continues to fascinate.
Beyond Fortune
This exhibition explores the legacy of Doris Duke by looking at her interests, complexities, and the objects she cared for to see beyond the myths often associated with her life. Beyond Fortune: Myths & Truths of Doris Duke continues the discussion sparked by visitor questions about Doris Duke.
Designing for Doris
Designing for Doris was a collaboration between NRF and David Webb New York, jewelry designer to NRF’s founder, Doris Duke, and many other prominent figures from 1948 to the present.
To Preserve & Restore
As NRF celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2018, we look back on our history as we also look ahead to the exciting new future for the organization.
Nature Tamed
This rocky, windswept corner of the Atlantic coast has been fittingly known as "Rough Point" for more than three centuries, and largely due to its underlying, rugged beauty, it remains one of the most attractive Newport landscapes to this day.
Two of Duke's greatest passions – her love of the water and her love of Islamic art and architecture – came together spectacularly at Shangri La, her exotic ocean front estate in Honolulu and the only home she built for herself from ground up beginning in the late 1930s.
Fired & Inspired
Fired & Inspired: Ceramics at Rough Point examined the diverse ceramic collection of Doris Duke. It also featured newly commissioned work by seven contemporary clay artists inspired by Rough Point, the grounds, and the life of Doris Duke.
No Rules
Doris Duke – heiress, philanthropist and preservationist – was a style icon. She enjoyed fashion and tried new trends, but made her own rules of style.
A Career of Giving
A Career of Giving: The Surprising Legacy of Doris Duke explored how Doris Duke turned her good fortune and personal interests into a life's work in philanthropy.
The Newport High Chest
Three high chests (or "highboys"), including one on loan from the Ott family of Providence, are shown alongside one another. One of the chests is attributed to Benjamin Baker and the makers of two are unknown.
Passport to the World
Doris Duke’s love of travel began at an early age with a trip to Europe with her parents when she was still an infant.
Dressed to Play
From the beach to the bowling alley, from surfing to skiing, Doris Duke was a woman who loved to play. The 2011 exhibition, explored the athletic side of her personality and her activity-filled lifestyle.
Doris Duke’s Extraordinary Vision
Saving 18th Century Newport In creating the Newport Restoration Foundation, Doris Duke had a simple plan: to purchase dilapidated 18th-century […]
Shop Like an Heiress
Shop Like an Heiress: Buying Fashion in the 20th Century is a celebration of fashion and shopping through the experience of Doris Duke.
Zoo in the House
Doris Duke was an animal lover and kept numerous pets at Rough Point, including two camels. Her vast art collection featured a wonderful array of pieces depicting animals as friends, adversaries and allegories.
The Look!
The Look for Day! The Look for Evening! Fashion magazines throughout the 20th century are filled with references for looks for different times of day. But what does this mean?
After the Gilded Age
After the Gilded Age: The Well Dressed House in Newport explored how Americans decorated and entertained in the 20th century using Rough Point as an example.
Jet Set to Jeans
Jet Set to Jeans highlighted the life of Doris Duke through her wardrobe, revealing the many facets of her personality and a microcosm of 20th-century fashion history.
The Duke Treasure Houses
Duke Treasure Houses is a look at the many ways Doris Duke collected objects for her various homes. The exhibit looked at American furniture collected for NRF and Whitehorne House, European art collected by her parents, and Asian and Islamic art purchased by Doris herself.
Gems of the East & West
The Doris Duke Jewelry Collection Gems from the East and West: The Doris Duke Jewelry Collection highlighted the extensive jewelry […]