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Air Sealing & Weatherizing Your Building Envelope

These sites will you help you understand how to address the flow of air and moisture through your home’s “envelope” (its roof, exterior wall, and foundation). Take some easy steps to save money, help the planet, and improve the comfort of your home.

Detecting Air Leaks
This concise guide describes how to find air leaks (or drafts) in your home.

Sealing Air Leaks
Once you have located areas in your home where comfortable air is escaping or unwanted air is flowing in, these U.S. Department of Energy sites offer easy tips for sealing those leaks. (Please note that while the Collaborative for Common Sense Preservation concurs with this site’s endorsement of storm windows, we typically do not recommend the other suggestion of replacing your windows.)

Weather Stripping
Air sealing around windows and doors increases your comfort and saves energy. This site provides a comprehensive list of weather-stripping options, the advantages and disadvantages of each, and tips for installation around windows and doors.

Assembled by the Collaborative for Common Sense Preservation (Historic New England, Newport Restoration Foundation and Preserve Rhode Island).

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