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The landscape at Rough Point is as much a work of art as the paintings and decorative arts inside. As you see them today, Rough Point's 10.8 acres .

Olmsted's design enhanced the site's natural rock outcrops and rolling hills by making the hills higher in some places and adding more boulders. Although aspects of the lawn have evolved over time, Olmsted's masterful, yet subtle, way of evoking the beauty of nature remains evident. As you walk across the lawn today, you will notice how the slope of the lawn imitates the movement of ocean waves.

Doris Duke's beloved Bactrian camels, Princess and Baby, summered on the Rough Point lawn from 1988 to 1993. The infamous pair were tough on the grass and plants, but are remembered fondly through topiary sculptures, featuring drought-tolerant sedum, that were added in 2008 and are now an iconic feature of the property.

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