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Protected by bays of privet hedges, Doris filled the flower gardens with annuals brought from Duke Farms each May and used these beds as a cutting garden to supply fresh flowers to the house. Drawing inspiration from historic plant lists, the flower gardens have been reinterpreted to include a painterly mix of woody shrubs, perennials, and bulbs.

Each garden bed has a distinct character. At the east end, limelight hydrangeas in the knot garden bring elegance to the shady corner. The middle bay features rows of peonies a hedge of catmint, and many varieties of Doris Duke's beloved dahlias. The west bed includes modern additions such as star of Persia, allium, corn poppy, and a banana tree.

The rose arbor is planted with American Pillar rose, which blooms in early July. The arbor terminates with a statue of Cyparissus, added by Doris Duke in 1962. In Greek mythology, Cyparissus received a tamed stag from his lover Apollo, and, upon accidentally killing the deer, asked to be able to cry forever. Apollo granted the wish by turning Cyparissus into a cypress tree, the sap of which appears in tear-like droplets.

In 1969, Doris Duke planted the first peach trees. Peach trees have a relatively short life span; the Rough Point peach trees have been replaced once since their original planting.

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